What Is a Silicone Roof Coating?

What is a silicone roof coating?

North of the Red River, the roof of a commercial structure needs to be durable and resilient. It should be able to withstand the blistering hot sun and hold up to the weight of ice and snow. This makes the choice of roofing materials an important factor and is why a silicone roof coating is often recommended.

What is the difference between roof sealant and roof coating?

Most commercial structures have a flat roof and if drainage isn’t working properly, that flat roof can become a swimming pool quickly. A silicone roof coating and a silicone roof sealant will do a good job of making the roof watertight. 

Where the key difference between the two comes into focus is how and where they are applied to the roof. A silicone roof sealant is excellent for creating a watertight seal around the air vents and vent pipes, over the screw heads, and along the roof edges. 

What does silicone roof coating do?

A silicone roof coating is applied over the entire roof and fills in any cracks and small holes, creating a smooth, watertight roofing surface. It protects the structure from water leaks, and it reflects the sun’s UV rays, helping to keep the interior of the building cooler. 

How do you install silicone roof coating?

Where silicone roof sealant comes in a tube and is applied directly where needed, like around the vents and vent pipes, along the roof edge, etc., a silicone roof coating is applied with a paintbrush or paint roller over the entire roof. This method provides even coverage across the whole roof. 

Are roof coatings worth it?

It depends on the issue at hand as to why it is being considered. A silicone roof coating is not the answer to every commercial roofing problem. There is a place and time that it is the best solution. Some benefits of a silicone roof coating are:

  • Investment Protection: On a commercial roof with a steep slope metal roof, a silicone roof coating will extend the lifespan of the metal. 
  • Budget-Friendly Repair: Roof leaks are not always in sync with the budget, and a silicone roof coating can provide a temporary patch until the budget is ready for the expense of a new roof. 
  • Energy Efficiency Increases: An application of cool silicone roof coating can ease the energy used by minimizing the HVAC use. 

How long does it take for silicone roof coating to dry?

Generally, a silicone roof coating is thoroughly dry within eight to twenty-four hours. The weather conditions can affect this drying time. For example, in humid weather conditions, it will take a silicone roof coating longer to dry, but on a day that is sunny and dry, it will probably be dry in the 8 hours. 

Is silicone roof coating any good?

If your commercial structure has any exposure to the sun, a silicone roof coating is your best friend! It will provide your building with a high level of reflectiveness, which will keep the roof cooler and the interior of the building cooler. Another benefit of silicone roof coating is a reflective material keeping the building cooler, which is less energy used on the HVA system, which also extends the life of the HVAC system. 

But the sun does more than heat a structure up! The UV rays of the sun cause the original roofing membrane to dry out. This takes away the flexibility of the roof contracting and expanding with the building and the temperature. This is how the roofing membrane begins to crack and separate. 

How long does a silicone roof coating last?

A properly applied silicone roof coating that has the recommended maintenance performed can give a commercial roof 15 years of service. If choosing to go with a silicone roof coating, always use a contractor with experience. The application process and the thickness are key to getting the most mileage from a silicone roof coating. 

How do you clean a silicone roof?

Speaking of maintenance, a silicone roof coating can be cleaned with a gentle power wash after all the loose dirt, leaves, and debris have been removed. There are specialized cleaners made for silicone roof coating that should be used, following the instructions on the container. 

Can silicone roof coating be painted?

A silicone roof coating can be painted, only after it has been thoroughly cleaned and dried, but it isn’t easy. However, the coverage may not be what you’re expecting, so it would be best to leave this project to a contractor that has worked with a silicone roof coating. 

A Roofer Sprays a Roof Coating.


Some applications for a silicone roof coating are beneficial to the building and the owner’s budget. It will provide energy efficiency and hold off any leaks from roof failure until a proper roof can be installed.  However, a silicone roof coating isn’t the cure-all for every situation. Refer to a roofing contractor that you can trust to provide you with the best advice. 

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