What is the life expectancy of a commercial metal roof?

Commercial Metal Roof Repair

For commercial structures in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Iowa, the winters are commonly harsh, but some years, the spring and summer can be harsh too. With that being said, there are frequent calls for roof repairs and replacements, including commercial metal roof repairs in Pittsburgh, PA. 

Now, metal is said to be the toughest roofing material you can have, so why would there be a need for commercial roof repairs? Well, any roofing contractor will tell you that they can still have leaks, especially if they aren’t installed correctly. And while they have a long life expectancy, and are 100% recyclable, they will eventually need to be replaced. If your metal roof needs repair, call {nw_data field=company} at 412-256-8050.

What is the life expectancy of a commercial metal roof?

As we just said, the lifespan of roofing can be dependent on the quality of the installation, maintenance, upkeep, and staying on top of any commercial metal roof repairs. This is true of any roofing material. 

For a commercial metal roof that uses quality metal, is professionally installed, and has routine maintenance and upkeep, you can expect a minimum of 45-year lifespan, and in many cases, up to 70 years and longer. 

The lifespan of other materials used for commercial roofing include: 

  • EPDM: Between 22 and 35 years
  • TPO: Between 22 and 30 years

What are the biggest concerns about a commercial metal roof?

While commercial metal roofing is highly recommended and is durable, there are some concerns that many business owners will express with their roofing contractor that result in needing commercial metal roof repairs. Those concerns are: 

1. Leaking

Whether it is your home or business, a leaking roof is not something you want to experience. Left unattended or unnoticed, a leaking roof of any type will cause even more damage inside and to the structure. 

With a commercial metal roof, repairs for leaks are often because of leaks between the panel seams. Either the panels weren’t installed correctly or fastened in place securely.  

2. Corrosion

Yes, metal roofing is stated to be corrosion resistant, but that is limited usually up to 60 or 70 years. Corrosion can happen on the underside if the panels are properly coated at the factory. For structures near saltwater, the type of metal used is important. Aluminum and zinc are the best for a coastal area, but they still have a possibility of corrosion after many years. 

Corrosion also happens when different metals are combined. This can create a negative interaction that causes corrosion, as well as cut edges on the metal panels. It is important to follow the recommended maintenance and upkeep of a commercial metal roof, repairs be done immediately when problems are found.

3. Chalking and Fading

If you notice a white residue on a commercial metal roof, this is called chalking. This happens when the paint resin breaks down from constant UV exposure, which can also cause painted commercial metal roofing to fade. 

4. Poor Installation 

Poor installation of a commercial metal roof will inevitably end up needing commercial metal roof repairs. This can from the installing contractor taking shortcuts with accessories and components, not securing all screws are properly installed, or loose flashing. 

5. Scratches and Scuffing

Painted commercial metal roofing is susceptible to scratching and scuffing like any other type of painted surface. While the manufacturers take due diligence ins trying to minimize this, it can still happen, and if you allow that scratch or scuff to remain without getting commercial metal roof repairs by patching and painting those scratches and scuffs, they can lead to roof leaks if they rust all the way the through. 

6. Oil Canning

Oil canning is a prevalent issue that causes the need for commercial metal roof repairs. It is often caused by insufficient space allowed during the installation process for the metal and its fasteners to contract and expand with the temperature. 

What is the best roof repair for a commercial metal roof repair job?

With leaks being the number one reason that commercial metal roof repairs are needed, having an acrylic roof coating applied is the best repair. A spray-on acrylic coating will provide an elastic-type membrane that restores the lifespan and coats the seams and other areas prone to leaks while maintaining the UV reflection. 

Does a metal roof require a tear-off?

As far as the durability of a commercial metal roof installation, now, tear-off isn’t required. However, local building codes and ordinances may state differently. And another aspect to consider is the warranty of the metal roofing material and possible added commercial metal roof repairs. Many manufacturers will void the warranty if it has been installed over an existing roofing material.

In Conclusion

A metal roof on a commercial structure is a smart investment with a high ROI for several reasons.  When installed correctly with insulation, the chances of needing commercial metal roof repair in Pittsburgh, PA are minimized and the lifespan is extended.  Set up a service appointment today by calling 412-256-8050.

A Metal Roof on a Commercial Building
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