What is the Longest Lasting Metal Roof Coating?

When do you need a metal roof coating?

A commercial structure is typically larger than a residential structure, thus the roof is larger and is subjected to more weather events. With that in mind, owners of commercial structures often choose to go with metal roofing, and to reinforce this roofing, metal roof coating is recommended. If you need a metal roof coating in Pittsburgh, PA a company like ours can help. Call today at 412-256-8050 if you’d like more information on whether this might be the right option for your building.

What is metal roof coating?

Metal Roof Coating is a combination of rubber-fortified acrylic and self-plasticizing epoxy. When installed on a commercial roof, it provides a monolithic encapsulating coating. This is a different type of coating compared to the water-based, silicone coating that is often used on residential metal roofs. 

How much is a metal roof coating?

Several factors will contribute to the cost of having a metal roof coating installed, starting with the size of the roof surface to be coated. The common pricing for this process is by the square foot, so the more square footage, the more it will cost. The average cost for metal roof coating is between $3 and $5 per square foot. 

Before the metal roof coating can be applied, the contractor will inspect the roof. Any small repairs are done first, which can add to the cost of the job.

What are the benefits of metal roof coating?

A metal roof coating can provide your commercial structure with several benefits including: 

  • Stop small leaks.
  • Reduce energy consumption.
  • Prevent corrosion.
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Extend the metal roof lifespan.
  • Cost less than several other commercial roofing options. 

How long do metal roof coatings last?

An elastomeric metal roof coating that is properly installed, depending on the thickness, can last up to 20 years. Proper maintenance is important in contributing to a long lifespan too.  

What type of maintenance is needed for metal roof coating?

Simply rinsing the metal roof coating using a garden hose once a year is sufficient. Other types of maintenance should be done by a professional roofing contractor that specializes in commercial metal roof coating. The contractor should perform a visual inspection. They will check for any damage and to confirm if there are any roof leaks. This should be once a year as well or after any significant weather event. 

Can a metal roof be recoated?

Yes, if a structure currently has a metal roof coating that has begun to peel, reapplying another metal roof coating is recommended. As soon as any peeling is noticed, getting a new metal roof coating is important to maintain protection from corroding and rusting.

What is the best way to stop a metal roof from leaking?

When a metal roof is leaking, there are two products that commercial roofing contractors recommend and use: waterproof sealant and butyl roofing tape. Choosing products that are high-solid polyether or silicone sealant. The areas that typically are problem areas where these products should be applied include: 

  • Joints and Seams: Resealing the joints and seams with a high-quality sealant after making sure the area is clean and dry. Applying a generous amount, typically 3 layers, will ensure as the seam contracts and expands, it will be covered and protected with the sealant. 
  • Fasteners: Fasteners will deteriorate and become loose, causing the roof to leak. Replacing those fasteners is recommended after applying a waterproof sealant. 
  • Penetrations: Metal roofing with skylights or vents can experience leaks around those. Roofing contractors will reflash these areas with flexible, waterproof flashing tape, overlapping to ensure a firm, tight seal.
  • Flashings: Flashing on metal roofing can corrode over time. This is a simple repair by simply replacing this flashing with an appropriate waterproof sealant. 

How often should you recoat a metal roof?

Monthly, the maintenance crew should do a visual check of the metal roof coating, looking for any sign of peeling. If all looks well, an acrylic or oil-based metal roof coating should be reapplied between two to four years. An elastomeric metal roof coating should be recoated between every five and ten years to maintain a good condition. 

With All Considerations …. 

We’ve discussed the benefits of a metal roof coating, but are there any downsides to metal roof coatings?  Yes, like most anything, there are pros and cons and a metal roof coating isn’t any different. Some downsides to be considered include: 

  • Dirt: A silicone metal roof coating will hold dirt whereas an acrylic metal roof coating sheds dirt.  
  • Ponding: An acrylic metal roof coating is not recommended for roofs known to have ponding water areas whereas a silicone metal roof coating is recommended in these areas without causing any issues with the integrity of the coating.
  • Reflectiveness: Acrylic or silicone metal roof coatings will lose their reflective property over time. Reapplying a new metal roof coating is recommended when the reflectiveness is dimming. 

Working with an experienced commercial roofing contractor is recommended. They will inspect the existing roof and discuss the best option for the structure. If you’d like more information or if you’re ready to get started with the process of a metal roof coating, call us today at 412-256-8050 to speak to one of our roofing professionals.

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