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What Is a Silicone Roof Coating?

What is a silicone roof coating? North of the Red River, the roof of a commercial structure needs to be durable and resilient. It should be able to withstand the blistering hot sun and hold up to the weight of ice and snow. This makes the choice of roofing materials an important factor and is […]

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What Type of Roofing is Used In a Warehouse?

Industrial Roofing Specialist For any commercial, industrial, or warehouse structure situated in Eastern Iowa, Eastern Ohio, or Pennsylvania, the type of industrial roofing in Pittsburgh, PA is an important component. It must endure the hot summer weather and the ice and snow-filled winters, with some hailstorms and high winds in between them. And because most […]

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Is Polyurea Expensive?

What is polyurea? When most of the calendar year could be ice and snow-topped roofings, a commercial structure and its expansive roofing needs the best protection possible. Many different types of coatings can provide the level of protection needed. Many commercial structures have a polyurea roof coating in Pittsburgh, PA and the surrounding area for […]

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Roofing Warranty Explained: Understanding Your Coverage

A Breakdown of Roofing Warranty Terminology Understanding the warranty coverage for your roofing system is crucial for protecting your investment and ensuring peace of mind. Here’s an explanation of common terms and aspects of roofing warranties: Manufacturer’s Warranty: The manufacturer’s warranty covers defects in materials used to manufacture the roofing product. It typically ranges from […]

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