Dura-Bond Pipe Inc

Project Information

  • Client Dura-Bond Pipe Inc
  • Date 28 October, 2023
  • Category
  • Location 2716 S Front St Harrisburg PA 17113


This building was the original Bethlehem Steel plant, the existing roof had blown off over the years and they had to move the contents of the building around to avoid the water coming through the roof. They couldn’t find any roofing contractor willing to even attempt a reroof because of height, safety, and asbestos. The leaks were getting close to ruining millions of dollars of equipment when they called us.


We worked closely with an asbestos remediation company from Pittsburgh to remove all the loose ACM materials and dispose of them We then came up with a solution to go over the existing roof without disturbing the ACM and creating a health hazard. We installed a commercial R panel metal roof designed by FABRAL engineers using specialty fasteners used in coastal applications.
The roof was completed ahead of schedule and with no safety incidents. They have had zero problems since

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